2020 Virtual NAOC

Burns lab members past and present will be well represented at next week’s virtual North American Ornithological Conference. In a perfect world, this meeting was going to be in Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, the conference and talks look awesome. Here is a list of presentations by both former and current Burns lab members (in bold). All times Eastern:

8/10/20 14:30
Workshop: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Ornithology: Mini Discussion
Organizers: Amelia-Juliette Demery, Jennifer Houtz, & Shailee Shah

8/13/20 10:45
An Examination of Genomic and Acoustic Differentiation Between Eastern, Lilian’s, and Western Meadowlarks
Johanna K Beam, Erik R Funk, Scott A Taylor

8/13/20 10:45
The Role of Plumage Coloration in the Diversification of High Elevation and High Latitude Finches
Erik R Funk, Nicholas A Mason, Garth M Spellman, Kristen C Ruegg, Kevin Winker, Scott A Taylor, Erika Zavaleta, Jack J Withrow

8/13/20 11:00
The Evolution of Plumage Coloration and Its Underlying Mechanisms in Male and Female Tanagers
Allison J Shultz, Jacqueline E Dall, Dakota E McCoy, Kevin J Burns

8/13/20 14:30
The Relative Importance of Natural Selection and Sexual Selection in Speciation in the Tanagers
Rosalyn M Price-Waldman, Amelia J Demery, Nicholas A Mason, Allison J Shultz, Pascal O Title, Kevin J Burns

8/13/20 10:45
Natural History Collections are Critical and Underutilized Resources for Contemporary and Future Studies of Urban Evolution
Allison J Shultz, Benjamin J Adams, Kayce C Bell, William B Ludt, Gregory B Pauly, Jann E Vendetti

8/13/20 18:35
Pantropical gene flow in three booby species
Danny Jackson, Erik Funk, Vicki Friesen, Dave Anderson, Tammy Steeves, Jamie Morris-Pocock, Scott Taylor

8/15/20 10:15
Systematics, Species Delimitation and Mitochondrial Introgression in the Narcissus Flycatcher Complex.
Herman L Mays, Isao Nishiumi, Bailey D McKay, William Mauck

8/15/20 10:45
The Impact of Natural History on Plumage Color in Cardinalidae
Benjamin Scott, Kevin Burns

8/15/20 12:35
Plenary: Natural history collections as windows on avian ecology and evolution
Nicholas Mason

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