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Least Bell’s Vireo fieldwork

Luke spent part of spring/summer mist netting birds and also sampling Bell’s Vireos for his project on conservation genetics of Least Bell’s Vireo. This year, his efforts concentrated on the Arizona/California border which is a putative contact zone between Least … Continue reading

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5th North American Ornithological Congress

Nick Mason and Kevin Burns recently attended the 5th North American Ornithological Congress in Vancouver. Nick presented his work on evolutionary correlates among vocalizations, habitat, and plumage color in tanagers. This work represents a collaboration between Nick, Kevin, and former … Continue reading

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Congratulations Pascal!

Congratulations to Pascal Title who recently defended his MS thesis on niche evolution in tanagers. Pascal’s thesis adds another dimension to our ongoing studies of tanager diversification. Pascal used environmental data in combination with georeferenced occurrence data to see if … Continue reading

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