AOS & SCO-SOC 2021 Meeting

Burns lab members past and present will be well represented at this week’s virtual American Ornithological Society Conference. Here is a list of presentations that include former and current Burns lab members (in bold). Current members also have an asterisk.

All times Eastern:

Monday, 9 August; Session 6; 14:26
Determining bird colors from digital images for high-throughput analyses of color evolution
Whitney L. E. Tsai, Shawn T. Schwartz, Elizabeth A. Karan, Mark S. Juhn, Mackenzie Perillo, Trevor Brokowski, Allison J. Shultz, Thomas B. Smith, and Michael E. Alfaro

Tuesday, 10 August; Session 4; 10:13
Degree of habitat heterogeneity correlates with the evolution of plumage colorfulness (Cardinalidae)
Scott BF*, Shultz AJ, Burns KJ*

Tuesday, 10 August; Session 4; 11:05
Speciation and color evolution in hummingbirds
Beltrán DF, Shultz AJ, Parra JL

Wednesday, 11 August, Session 7; 10:13
Combining genetic, morphometric and ecological-niche modeling methods to assess the evolutionary origins of the Black-throated Gray Warbler Setophaga nigrescens)
Tofflemire MA*, Klicka J, Epperly K

Wednesday, 11 August; Session 8; 14:39
Dorsal color variation among subspecies of the “Oregon” Dark-eyed Junco complex
Yang ET, Unitt P, Mason NA

Wednesday 11 August 11, Session 8; 14:52
Analyzing the population structure of the Pacific Swallow, a highly dispersive island-inhabiting species
Broyles G, Myers B, Scordato E

Wednesday, 11 August; 17:30 – 19:00
Poster Session: Evolution, genomics, and phylogenetics;
A resolved phylogeny of Cardinalidae based on ultraconserved elements
Scott BF*, Klicka J, Burns KJ*

Wednesday, 11 August; 17:30 – 19:00
Poster Session: Annual cycle and breeding biology
Investigating the genetic mechanisms of bill color plasticity and its environmental drivers across time and space
Demery A-JC, Houtz J, Lovette IJ et al.

Thursday, 12 August; Session 7, 14:00 
A supergene underlies phenotypic variation in redpolls
Funk ER, Mason NA, Taylor SA et al.

Thursday, 12 August; Session 7; 14:13
The importance of gene flow in archipelagos: Case study in a Pacific island flycatcher
Gyllenhaal EF, Klicka LB, DeCicco LH et al.  

Friday 13 August 1, Session 8; 10:39
Variations in genomic architecture among Horned Larks (Eremophila alpestris) along an elevational gradient in western USA
Shakya SB, Wang-Claypool CY, Cicero C, Bowie RCK, Mason NA 

Friday 13 August 1, Session 6; 15:05
Demographic inference of commensal swallows in southeast Asia and Oceania
Myers BM, Hund AK, Friedman N et al.

Friday 13 August 1, Session 8; 15:05
Morphology of migration: Associations between wing shape, bill morphology, and migration in kingbirds (Tyrannus)
MacPherson M, Jahn A, Mason NA

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