Burns Lab at NAOC in DC

The Burns lab recently traveled to D.C. to attend the North American Ornithological Conference, which was the largest gathering of professional ornithologists in history. Eight past and present Burns lab members were in attendance. Erik received an AOU travel award to present his talk on conservation indices of tanagers. Brian also received a travel award to present his hummingbird hybrid zone results. We were joined by Amelia who was winding up her data collection of tanager morphology at the Smithsonian. We were also able to reconnect with former Burns lab students Shannon (Walsh) Mindeman, Nick Mason, Allison Shultz, and Bill Mauck. In total, nine presentations were authored by Burns lab members past and present. Attending the meeting was a great way to cap off a busy summer for the Burns lab!


Burns lab past and present at NAOC VI, from left to right: Allison Shultz, Brian Myers, Amelia Demery, Erik Funk, Kevin Burns, Bill Mauck, Shannon Mindeman, and Nick Mason

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